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IBEW 570

Dispatch Rules


EFFECTIVE – August 6, 2018

All hours shown will be Arizona time.

Section 1: Applicants Available For Employment – Registration

  1. Each initial registration will be in person during normal business hours. The only exceptions are described in Section 2 and 5.
  2. All new applicants must fill out the required application form(s).
  3. Applicants shall be required to show proof of the requirements set forth in the Group for which he/she wishes to qualify for.

Section 2: Applicants Requesting Registration On Book 2

  1. All new applicants must fill out the required application form (s) and where applicable, a letter of introduction from the applicants home Local Business Manager, signed within the past 12 months.
  2. Applicants who request to sign Book 2 (“JW” member of another Local Union) may do so “In Person” or by Fax sent from the applicants “Home Local” office. (Providing their “Home Local” allows Local Union 570 members the capability to Fax to their “Book 2”).
  3. Applicants of Book 2 must re-register following the rules of Section 2 and Section 3 of these Dispatch Rules.

 Section 3: Re-Registration (Resign)

  1. Each applicant shall re-register beginning on the 10th day of each month and ending at normal close of business on the 16th day of each month.
  2. Applicants may re-register in person during normal business hours, by mail, by fax (520-882-5396), or email (, in order to retain their appropriate place in applicant’s proper group.
  3. Members of Local Union 570 and other local unions may re-register on the IBEW Local 570 website, ( Click on the MEMBERS ONLY tab and follow the instructions to sign in. Once signed in, click on the re-sign tab and enter the required information.
  4. Failure to provide all of the following required information shall invalidate the re-registration attempt.
    • Information required for re-registration whether in person, mail, fax, or email.
      1. Name
      2. Address
      3. Phone Number
      4. Home Local Number
      5. I.B.E.W. Card number


  1. If applicant is not a member of I.B.E.W., a State issued Driver’s license, or government issued ID card is required as proof of identity
  2. Fax and email re-registration requests will be accepted from 12:01am on the 10th day of the month and will end at normal close of business on the 16th day of the month. Please retain your fax confirmation, or date and time verified e-mail, as this will be the only proof of delivery that will be accepted.
  3. Mail in re-registration cannot be received more than 5 working days prior to the 10th day of the month and must be received no later than normal close of business on the 16th day of the month.

Section 4: In Person Re-Registration

Local Union 570 is required to perform “In Person” re-registration at least once between January and December of each year.  Local Union 570 will provide two (2) opportunities for “In Person” re-registration.  “In Person” re-registration (resign) will be held in the months of July and December.  The “In Person” resign will be the 10th through the 16th in July and the 10th to last working day in December.

  1. “In Person” resign must be in person at Local Union 570 business office, during normal business office hours.
  2. “In Person” resign cannot be in the same month as the applicant’s initial registration, unless the initial registration is in December.

Section 5: Applicants That Reside Outside “A” Zone

Applicants whose permanent residence is outside of “A” Zone of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but are still within the jurisdiction of Local Union 570 may initially register in person, by telephone, mail, fax, or email.

  1. Must provide the Dispatcher with proper documentation that shows the applicants “Home” address being outside of “A” Zone.
  2. Re-registration will follow Section 3, of these dispatch rules.
  3. “In Person” resign must be done in July or December, per Section 4.

Section 6: Strike Clause

Applicants name will be moved from the current position to the last position of their group after a call for manpower has gone passed their name before being filled, 3 times. (Strikes)

On the fourth instance, (12 strikes) that name will be removed from the group book. In order for applicant to re-establish his/her name on the proper book, applicant must follow Section 1 or Section 2, whichever is applicable.

Applicants, who establish in advance and in writing a cause that is approved by the Business Manager for not working for an individual employer or employers, will not be given strikes for those employers.

 Section 7:  Applicants Name Removed From Book 1 or 2

Applicant’s name will be removed from Book 1 or 2 for the following reasons:

  1. Applicant accepts a referral for employment from a Signatory Contractor of L.U. 570 for greater than 14 calendar days in “A” Zone, as described in the Inside Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  2. Applicant accepts a referral for employment from a Signatory Contractor of L.U. 570 for greater than 28 calendar days in “B” or “C” Zone, as described in the Inside Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  3. Applicant does not re-register as required by Section 2.
  4. Applicant does not re-register in person, as required by Section 3.
  5. Upon the fourth event (12 strikes) the applicant is removed as described in Section 6.

Section 8: Short Call Book:

A short call will consist of 14 calendar days or less in Zone “A”, 28 calendar days or less in Zone “B” or “C”.

Dispatch will maintain a single “Short Call” Book for both Book 1, 2, 3 and 4, which will incorporate all zones, as described in the Inside Collective Bargaining Agreement.  All “Short Calls” will, first be dispatched from the “Short Call” Book until that book is exhausted, then dispatch will be forced to dispatch from the regular Book 1, 2, 3 and 4.   The strike clause, Section 6, will be implemented once dispatch is moved to the regular Book 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Applicants that accept a call that is designated as a short call by a contractor shall be required to return to Local Union 570 in 14 calendar days for “A” Zone and 28 calendar days for “B” and “C” Zones.

Section 9: Request for Manpower by Signatory Contractors

Contractors will have until 3:45pm, Monday through Friday to request manpower for the following business day dispatch.  The request will be made by telephone (520-622-6745).  Request for manpower made on Friday will be dispatched on Monday. When a request for manpower is made, please indicate any special requirements, i.e.; OSHA 10, MSHA, NFPA 70E, background check, long sleeve shirt, steel toed boots, etc.   Also, please indicate the starting time of the job, hours working, location if possible, zone, short call, regular call, etc.

Please indicate the location that dispatched employees are to report to.

Section 10: Dispatching.

Local Union 570 will utilize a “Day Book” for all dispatch. All applicants wishing to be dispatched must secure their name on the “Day Book” following the rules below.

Applicants will have two (2) methods in which to sign the “Day Book”.

  1. In person, between the hours of 8:00am to 8:30am.
  2. By telephone, between the hours of 5:00pm the day before dispatch to 8:00am the day of dispatch. Please telephone 520-622-6745, once prompted select extension 220, leave a message which will include your name, phone number and request to be added to the “Day Book”. To ensure that everyone is understood, speak clearly and slowly.

Any applicants that report in person after 8:30am, telephones after 8:00am, will be ineligible to sign the “Day Book”. Dispatch will begin promptly at 8:30am.

Applicant that accepts a call by telephone will immediately report to the hall for a referral.  All applicants will have a reasonable amount of time to report to the location determined by the contractor. If applicant does not report to determined location in a reasonable time, the contractor has the right to reject the referral. A reasonable time will be defined by the Business Manager and the contractor’s representative requesting the manpower if a problem occurs.

All wages/time begin once applicant reports to the location determined by the contractor.

Contractors will have the right to call foreman by name.

Section 10: General Information

The Business Manager is responsible to fill all calls for manpower in a timely manner as needed by the Signatory Contractors. In the case of a legitimate emergency, referrals may have to be made outside normal business hours, using whatever responsible means are available.

No “collect” telephone calls will be accepted pertaining to dispatching, re-registration or work inquires.

The recording for dispatch will be available at 4:00pm for dispatch the following business day at 8:30am.

Normal Office Hours Are 8:00am To 4:00pm M-F Closed 12-12:30 For Lunch

Job Line Recording Number


Recording Updated By 4:00pm Each Business Day

Re-registration: Mail, Email, Fax and Website

Mail-in:          IBEW Local Union 570

Attn: Dispatcher

750 S. Tucson Blvd.

Tucson, AZ   85716-5623


Fax: 520-882-5396


Dispatch Line: 520-622-6745, extension 220, leave message.